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Privacy Statement

Why we collect your personal data

We are committed to protecting any personal data you provide about individuals within your organisation. This statement explains how we do that. It sets out what we do with your personal data, how we protect it, and explains your pertinent privacy rights. We collect and use your personal data as data controller to enable us to conduct our relationship with you and to comply with the law. The Foundation that you make your application to is the Data Controller. The basis we rely upon for lawfully collecting and using your personal data will depend on the purposes for which we are processing your personal data and these are either pursuant to a contract i.e. (i) administering your application; (ii) legitimate interests and/or (iii) legal obligations.

For us to process enquiries/applications for funding, we must process the personal data that supports your enquiry/application. This is to facilitate Foundation representatives in their assessment of applications, associated due diligence and to administer, monitor and evaluate grants made. We will only process your personal data for the purposes for which it was collected or to meet our legal obligations. We will never transfer more personal data than is necessary to discharge our legal obligations.

What we collect and how

The personal data you provide to us will include combinations of any of the following: the name, email address, telephone number, address, location information and any job-related information of key individuals who hold positions of responsibility in your charitable organisation.

We hold this personal information on paper and on computer systems.

Who we share your personal data with

Your personal data will be held in confidence with all documentation necessary to support the application process and to manage the ongoing relationship with you being processed on a third-party secure cloud storage system that is fully aligned with the purposes set out above. We operate a regular and strict regime of third party checks on how your personal data is protected. The Fidelity International Group provide certain administrative services to the Foundation pursuant to an internal services agreement and therefore your personal data may be shared within the Fidelity International Group solely for the purposes stated above. The Foundation may also share your personal data with consultants for the purposes of processing your application.

Security of your personal data

Ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your organisation’s personal data defines our approach to information security. We ensure that the security risks to your personal data are managed in a way that makes sure we meet our legal and regulatory obligations. We keep all personal data safe and only hold it for as long as necessary.

Your rights

The law places robust obligations on entities in the protection of personal data. Any personal data can be deleted, amended, restricted, accessed or transferred at the request of the individual concerned at any time. In order to have your request actioned or for more information regarding our use of your personal data, please contact​​​​​​​.